Antalya Hospital is at your side in the Mediterranean Region with international quality health services and excellence standards.

Antalya Hospital is a world-class hospital with internationally respected and strong academic staff, specialist doctors, health personnel combining their knowledge and knowledge with close attention, patient-oriented service standards, excellent and effective patient care.


Orthopedic, neurological, pulmonary etc. diagnosed by your specialist. Physiotherapists, who you consult many times for your discomfort or postoperative or preoperative rehabilitation needs, use various physical therapy methods to improve your quality of life and minimize your existing pain. Physical therapy can be applied to various patient groups (athletes, sedentary, geriatrics, pediatrics, disabled, etc.) in order to regulate function and metabolism, reduce pain, and in particular maintain functional independence.


Why Antalya

According to statistics Antalya in Turkey, not only for foreign tourists; It is also very popular for domestic tourists and foreign nationals. Modern Antalya airport serves more than 18 million passengers every year. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is the second most popular tourist destination after Istanbul.