About Me

Who am I?

I am Koray Erdün. 1994 – I was born in Istanbul / Bakirkoy.
I am a hard working student who is studying in Computer Programming Department of Antalya Akdeniz University Technical Sciences Vocational High School.

My interest in software comes from small simple games that I did during my elementary school years. I used to design little games and play with friends in computer classes and add new episodes.

Since then I have been overly enthusiastic about software and I want to pursue a profession and I am taking firm steps forward.

Education Information

I studied in Gaziosmanpaşa Havuzbaşı Primary School until the 5th grade and moved to Avcılar.

In 2010, I completed my primary education in İstanbul / Avcılar Denizköşkler Primary School.

In 2014 I graduated from Istanbul / Avcılar Sabancı 50th Year High School.

After saving some money after financial difficulties, I moved to the Department of Environmental Engineering at Akdeniz University in 2016. In 2018, I transferred to the Department of Computer Programming at Akdeniz University. I am still studying in this department.

Work / Internship Experience

In 2012, while I was a high school student, I was hired as a supporter of in-game support. I was providing in-game support to Record Computing Customers from my home computer. It was my first programming experience that helped me gain my interest in programming.

In 2014, I worked as a cashier at Ucz Markets for 4 months.

In 2015, I worked at Burger King for 1 year.


While I was enrolled in environmental engineering, I completed the preparatory class with a good degree.
I have B1 in speaking and B2 in writing.

I speak Thai at the A1 level because of my girlfriend.

Since I was the first computer owner, since I was extremely enthusiastic about making games, I used a lot of game making programs and game engines.

– Game Maker (2D) –
It was a simple game-making program that I started using in junior high.

– Game Studio (3D) –
I made my first 3D game experiment in this program. It was a pretty simple first person game. It was a very difficult program to use. Then I discovered more useful programs and turned to them.

-Cry Engine, Unreal Engine-
Programs with great graphics and ease of use. I’m still working on them and trying to learn. Since 3D game design is a very difficult task, I turned to 2D game making.

– Unity –
The program I am currently using and working on 2 projects.
One of them the Turkish tutorial card game. click for the details.
The other one is a top, multi-language version of it and also my project homework I received from the University click for the details.

As a hobby, I draw charcoal cartoon characters.

Education / Certificates

In 2015, when I was working at Burger King, I received a training certificate.